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May 2, 2014 5:00pm EDT
on these expansions. germany gets $50.2 billion in exports to russia. german lobby groups are counting numbers of 3000 jobs are dependent on russian trade. interest as well. there is major interest in pushing hard on angela merkel. >> doesn't germany import a lot of natural gas from russia? other issues is on the energy side of things. you heard president obama and chancellor merkel address that today. what we're looking at next, according to officials, and the president, if sanctions are to be expanded they're going to target entire sectors. financial services, defense, and that should mean energy. when it comes to europe, that is a major problem. what chancellor merkel said today, six countries are 100% reliant on russian gas. germans are taking a third of their gas from russia. before -- for sex how they do the is a huge question right now because of the damage that would be in norma's in the european area. waxing want to thank you for this developing story. when russian forces invaded the ukraine crimea peninsula in late february, it prompted one job atist to rethink her russia's news network. >>
May 1, 2014 9:00pm EDT
that country's jurisdiction. that is a big difference because if you bring money back into germany or the u.k., it won't get hit with that tax again. >> is there any chance this will change him a that the system in the u.s. will start to look more like the system in places like the u.k. or germany? >> that is a question for the congress and the obama administration. the obama administration in its latest budget proposal, it is trying to tweak inversions and make it more difficult to do this. it is more of a tweet to the system, not an overhaul. it likely won't stop inversions, but make it more difficult, and frankly, more employment for my tax brethren. >> i want to thank you, gordon caplan. coming up next, the pga just announced where the 2022 pga champions tour is going to be held. i will be speaking to the president of the pga. and i will be speaking to sports legend david robinson about mentoring and his business interests outside of basketball. ♪ >> today, the professional golfers association of america announced new jersey's trump golf club is going to host the 2022 pga champions to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)